Your Grandma Created Social Media

May 25, 2010 at 1:55 pm Leave a comment

Defining Social Media

You never define a term by saying what it’s not. You never define a phrase by stating how difficult it is to define.

And you never say never.

Everyone has an opinion on What Is Social Media? It may be limited by their limited use – that means Facebook or quick glances at YouTube shared via e-mail. Business professionals may include some Blogging experience, or a once-used Twitter account. Social Media is difficult to define, no doubt.

We didn't create Social or Media. We just do it differently

Too often, this craze is defined by the technology that dominates the news. But by focusing on the ever-changing technology trends, we miss the applications and benefits afforded by participating in Social Media. There it is, the definition.

What? Where? By my definition, Social Media is news, opinion and communication publicly created for active sharing and open dissemination. This doesn’t say electronic file sharing, mobile apps, and digital technology. So by my definition, our grandparents created social media, or maybe their grandparents. We’ve just gone crazy with it and made it fit our high-tech lifestyle.

Social Media is not new. Its evolution, however, has exploded thanks to the increased use of tools like smart phones and laptops. Yes, it’s the increased use of these tools, not the tools themselves, that makes Social Media so powerful today. Technological tools will come and go.

Don’t focus on the tools or the technology, but what they can help you do. Our desire to share stories, pictures, videos and music was strong years ago, and will outlast today’s and tomorrow’s tools.

Using this definition of Social Media removes the doubt, the apprehension and the unknown. Now it’s simply a matter of trying. You’ve already started, by finding this fresh news-sharing platform. And you learned how to share in kindergarten. Text your friends and tell them to read this. Leave a comment and we’ll continue the conversation.

Let’s see how you can embrace Social Media if you simply focus on the sharing of content and don’t worry about the tools.


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