Paper or Plastic? – News, I Mean

February 27, 2010 at 12:31 pm Leave a comment

I love the paper – news, that is. It began in college when I discovered newspapers from all over the world. I would sit in the library and sift through Tribunes, Posts, and Times from lands near and far. It was my Reader in paper form, long before today’s plastic-bound Google Reader. I learned the value of outstanding journalism, varied news sources, and crossword puzzles. My ink-stained fingertips were a proud mark of my curiosity.

Today, my fingers are mostly clean, though I think I’m acquiring carpal tunnel (today’s curiosity mark, a surgery scar?). I mostly opt plastic over paper – until I find a piece like one I read today on paper. Yes, there is a quality in quantity through countless online news sources delivered to my computer. But I am thankfully reminded of the quality of “local” journalism delivered to my home on paper – even if I didn’t ask for it by subject.

Ari Bloomekatz, LA Times columnist and journalist, thanks for delivering a great report – on paper. His story on Jacquelyn Carr and her bus riding blog is the perfect example of the value of paper. I could add the link to the Times story so you could easily find it and read online. But I’d rather you spend the dollar on the finger-staining paper version.

I will, however, give you the link to the story’s topic, Carr’s Snob on a Bus blog. Too bad there is no paper version of that.


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