Blogs as Networking Tool

January 19, 2010 at 6:49 pm Leave a comment

I am recycling now, and that’s okay.

I first presented this topic back in October, and I update it today following a presentation I made to a small group at Executive Career Services in Irvine, Calif. Through my own “career search” process, ECS (and Jim Dodgen, in particular) helped me immensely to focus on my strength and my passion. And I’ve been fortunate enough to turn that into a new career in communications.

And they helped me learn the value of networking, and to explore new networking options. Through my own trial and error, I have concluded that – for most people today, not all – the resume is unnecessary. In fact, it’s a time killer, a stress inducer, and a relic of industries past.

Time to move on, and thanks to social networking, blogging and microblogging, more efficient and effective tools exist to help you tell your story. You still need to tell your story and to make as many connections as possible. You just don’t need a resume to do that. You can do it by reading blogs.

Read this updated post from October, 2009.


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