We are ALL in Communications

October 15, 2009 at 6:34 pm Leave a comment

As a 20-something magazine editor with journalistic ideals, I thought I had met my match in a publisher who admittedly loved all advertising, even junk mail. Every ad had a potential audience, and that thrill of the connection and sale was method enough for any advertising madness. I avoided contact as much as possible.

One day, this publisher told me that everyone – even I – was in sales. And handed me a similarly named book to read to further my sales abilities and knowledge. I took the book, but never read it. And I never fully embraced the notion that everyone was in sales. I was a communicator, a writer, a journalist, I boasted (to myself). I had information and intelligence to share, not to sell. I was the expense the sales team worked hard to fund, and I was proud of it. (Of course, mine was also the product they sold, but I looked beyond that).

Today, I do try to make some sales. For guidance, I think fondly of the best salesman I’ve ever known – my own father. I imagine the skills he used to become an incredibly successful salesman. Doing so, I realize his strengths were the same I need for success. He was a great communicator. He delivered information clearly, repeatedly and with a purpose. He communicated with messages of service that his clients clearly wanted and needed to hear. Proof? They came back for more. He had conversations with his clients, listening and understanding their needs, and delivering communications with results that served both.

An interesting Commentary from Media Post brought all this home to me today. Communications is the “new normal” as written by Leslie Sherr, and it pertains to journalists, brand marketers and sales people now more than ever.

I’m still not in sales. I’m in communications. I hope I’ve sold you, too.


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