For Understanding, Read What is ON the Lines

September 8, 2009 at 9:29 pm Leave a comment

I re-posted this interesting viral thread on my FB page last week: “No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick.” Two simple statements in one passionate sentence.

I picked up the post from another friend’s page, and several of my FB friends ran with it, too. I also sent it out as a Tweet, and even threw it out on LinkedIn. The conversation around this short post was as diverse as you can imagine. Blue State friends “liked it.” Red State friends replied with a wide variety of questioning commentary.

One reply said simply “Read between the lines,” and caused my to write this blog post.

Now, I need another cliche like I need another hole in my head. I usually turn a deaf ear to these overused phrases, but the timing of this one made it stick in my craw. Well, you know.

Both sides of today’s political battlefield have issues with communications. Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh on one side. Joe Biden and Bill Maher on the other. Perhaps due to an (over?) abundance of media. Perhaps due to pressure to speak and gain media attention. So many pols think before they speak, and what should be more polished communications get out to the media as emotional and unrehearsed sound bites. Or worse, leaving them reconsidering and recanting for tomorrow’s news.

But communication is as much hearing and reading as it is speaking and writing – yes, it’s a two-way street. And that’s where “read between the lines” becomes the bigger problem.

Whether your taste is for Keith Olberman or Sean Hannity, the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post, you can interpret whatever you wish if you simply “read between the lines.”

Read, listen and share as much as you possibly can. But have respect for communications itself, and please read only what is on the lines.


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