Homework Season kickoff! You’re on the team, too.

September 1, 2009 at 9:54 am Leave a comment

This is the season! It’s the start of football (“real football” and “American”) and for the start of Homework season. I love school – or should say “loved” school – and wish I were still in it. Maybe someday again soon. Until then, I get to enjoy school through my kids – aka, 8th grader and high school junior.

I’ve been in pre-season training for a few days, which every parent knows is simply an exercise in paperwork management, signature application, and health insurance account number retrieval.

Most of this paperwork is completed without a lot of thought – it’s the same pages year after year. One form, however, did stop me last night – right before the kickoff of Monday Night Football! The Canyon Hills Junior High School (CHJHS) Math Department sent home a form requiring signature. This “Expectations and Requirements” form needed both mine and my 8th grader’s signature. It was short and direct, stating the following (in abridged form):
1. We have read and we understand this document;
2. We understand there are consequences for not following;
3. We understand that grades are EARNED (their emphasis) by the student not GIVEN by the teacher;
4. We understand that if a student has questions, it’s their responsibility to ask for help;
5. We take this opportunity to succeed seriously.

I love this form. Yes, love it. Number 3 is my favorite, perhaps my all-time favorite. I wish every school teacher – at least for my school kids – would require that students recognize and accept that same point, if not all 5 of these.

I am ready for homework, especially math. Thanks CHJHS Math Department.


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