Branding You. Can’t Change your Brand by Changing your Shirt.

June 18, 2009 at 4:14 pm Leave a comment

I attended an excellent seminar today prepared by Jim Dodgen on the topic of “Perfecting Your Brand.” I’ve met with Jim a few times and attended his seminars related to job search and finding your place. He is always a captivating speaker and insightful in his mission to “help you find yours.”

I was in eager anticipation of his handling of the seemingly omnipresent topic of Personal Branding. And Mr. Dodgen brought much to the table regarding “your brand” and how it is perceived, received, and recognized.

I write this short post to expand on the topic and to insert my opinion about Branding You. More than just a surface treatment, the Brand of You is simply that. And while you can greatly affect the immediate and first impression you (Your Brand) make while on a job interview or a sales call, you can NOT change your brand by changing your shirt.

A “Brand” is not a logo or slogan or advertising message. People don’t buy Starbucks coffee because they like the green logo. People don’t drink Coke because “It’s the Real Thing.” While those superficial items have attracted customers over the years, and have certainly become symbols for enthusiasts to treasure, they are not the brand. The real celebration of these and other strong brands comes from a fan’s experience with the products and services offered behind the logo.

Branding You is no different.


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