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May 27, 2009 at 5:50 pm Leave a comment

My kids were 10 and 7 years old when I gave them the test. I told ’em it was coming, that it would take two days – two full days – and that they would be exhausted when it was over. Not to worry; you can’t fail, I told my son and daughter, and the results will not affect your future. If you fail to complete the test, however, you will only harm yourself! You have to finish it.

The test? Complete one full day of fun and thrills at Disneyland Park in Southern California. Then complete one full day of exploration and amazement at the Joshua Tree National Park, just about 100 miles to the east. At the end of these two days, simply report back on the experience. I figured even at 10 and 7 years this little experiment in Compare and Contrast would be easy and effective.

Disney Day featured all the great experiences a kid could expect. Sugary snacks. Old wooden roller coasters. Mickey and Princesses. The kids had a great time, and Mom and Dad admittedly enjoyed it, too.

Desert Day was the great unknown – not for me, but for the test-takers. Joshua Tree has long been one of my favorite places in California, and I couldn’t wait to share the adventure with the two kids from the great north. And it delivered. Sun and clear blue skies. Amazing rock formations. Plants never before seen. And no pavement in site.

Both kids completed the test. And before I share the results, I encourage all parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and the like to establish a similar test. It need not take place in Southern California. My other favorite Test Location is Las Vegas Strip against nearby Red Rock Canyon Park. Or go Neighborhood Park against The Mall. Or Movie Theatre against Full Moon Walk. Or Bicycle Ride Around the Lake against Guitar Hero on XBox.

My kids passed, and pleased me greatly when they called it a Tie! Overtime, anyone?!


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