Part 2, Great News

May 19, 2009 at 6:50 am 1 comment

If the previous post shocked or scared any, my apologies. That was not my intent. Over all these years, I had never written about that night. And I needed to do that. But it’s not the whole story.

Part 2 is great news. As much as the night of May 17 changed my life, the events that took place over the next few weeks changed it even more. I don’t remember them often enough, so I hope this helps to recognize the life-affirming impact so many people had on me beginning May 18.

I reached my wife by phone that morning. I still can’t imagine her response when I hung up the phone, but she arranged air travel to Dallas, got our son to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and was quickly by my side. While I was drugged, she took care of insurance issues, work, family and more. My parents both wanted to come visit, but that was not an option.
Red Rock Canyon 045
My brother-in-law Tim and my cousin Alice both lived nearby, and they visited regularly, offering unending support for me and my wife. For the first day or two, my medication kept me quite removed from the reality of the help I was given.

Anyone who has one knows this – family is amazing. When needed, family can do anything. I’ve been fortunate to see this proved many, many times. And while it may not always surprise, it does always impress me.

I did get an incredible surprise through this, and that was from friends. Some I didn’t even know were friends, yet. Todd C., and Laurie’s father, two amazing people. And when I returned home, I was met with a surprise party fit for an NBA Championship team. It didn’t stop there. My parents, doing anything and everything. Jeff and Kelly, driving me to work or home. And the people I worked for did more than I could have expected, especially when I wasn’t of much use to them. The EPG management is to be congratulated for their incredible human-ness. Not always a management characteristic.

What I need to remember for the next 14 years? Amazing people in my life wanted nothing from me but my well being. People I hardly knew offered their time and more for me and my family. One person wanted to take a whole lot from me. Dozens of people followed to give me back a great deal more. Great news.


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  • 1. Dennis Erokan  |  May 19, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    OK. I read the May 17th posting first. That was dramatic and breathtaking. Having been in the position of trying to give a true testimony to the opposite side’s lawyer also in my life, I know how bizarre a situation that can be. But then I read this life-affirming post! Thanks so much for the second part of the story!


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